Case Drain Filter Maintenance

Every Final Drive will eventually succumb to wear and tear which, if left unchecked, will eventually lead to failure.

Some simple preventative maintenance can help you to easily prolong your Final Drive’s working life.

In most major failures that we have seen, a clogged case drain filter has been identified as the root cause. Severe damage can be quickly caused by contaminated hydraulic fluid so it is essential that you regularly inspect your machine’s case drain filter(s). 

Over time, your machine’s case drain filter will become clogged and as it does the hydraulic pressure within the system will build as the fluid is restricted from freely passing through the case drain line. If the pressure is left to increase, it will eventually force hydraulic fluid into the gear hub, blowing seals and damaging the piston shoes and bearings as it does. In very severe cases where the pressure has continued to rise, it can lead to cracking of the cover plate or, in more serious cases, it can cause the cover to be completely blown off.

This often forgotten filter can sometimes be tricky to find but your manufacturers manual should be able to help you easily locate it. Your manual will also provide you with instructions on how to strip it down, inspect the parts, clean it and then refit the filter ready for use.

By taking regular action to prevent a case drain filter from becoming clogged will help to ensure that your Final Drive will keep your machinery performing at it’s best.


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